Vanessa Knoppke-Wetzel, Project Assistant for the Cartography Lab

Vanessa is the Project Assistant of the Cartography Lab. She assists Tanya with cartographic production, both interactive and static, manages projects, meets with clients and prepares necessary reports summarizing work. She most recently won the 2013 NACIS Narrative Map Competition with her teammates Erin Hamilton and Rashauna Mead. Besides this, her most notable experience of the year was flying to Mongolia for a fast paced 9 days of supervising government cartographers and helping to produce 150+ maps to help underrepresented people within the gers surrounding Ulaanbaatar. She is currently the brightest corner of the Cartography Lab - literally: there are 5 lamps surrounding her desk.

Daniel Huffman, Honorary Fellow

Daniel Huffman makes, and sometimes writes about, maps. He is concerned with cartographic aesthetics, and how to promote maps as artistic objects that function through their beauty as much as their data.

Sarah Bennett, Cartographer

Sarah Bennett is working on her PhD in Geography. She is visualizing how relationships play out in gestures, especially between people and animals. She is interested in mapping movement and in the cultural and environmental implications of maps. She loves to dance.

Brian Davidson, Cartographer

Brian is a second year Masters student in the Cartography/GIS program. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina - Columbia in Geography with an emphasis in GIS. Once he graduates, he plans to move to Australia and pursue a career.

Rich Donohue, Cartographer

Rich is a PhD student who is currently the TA for the advanced cartography course.

Erin Hamilton, Cartographer

Erin is a cartography and GIS Master's student with an interest in creating robust web applications and engaging interactive visualizations. She is also a project assistant at the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute where she builds tools and web applications concerning coastal issues of the Great Lakes.

Brooke Harding, Cartographer

Brooke is an senior undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Cartography/GIS, as well as a certificate in Russian, Eastern European, and Central Asian Studies.

Dylan Moriarty, Cartographer

Dylan is an undergrad who studies History, Mathematics, and Cartography in the day, and spent the majority of his evenings working as a graphics editor at The Daily Cardinal. He now makes maps in the lab, but hopes to return to the daily grind of press graphics following graduation.

Carl Sack, Cartographer

Carl Sack is an activist cartographer and Ph.D. candidate in Cart/GIS. His work and research interests are online participatory mapping, crowdsourced geographic information, user-centered design, Indigenous counter-mapping, and social and environmental activism. His projects include online wikimaps, thematic web maps, print maps, research on new web mapping techniques, and teaching. When not in the Cart Lab, he enjoys running, biking, canoeing, and exploring new places.

Andrew Wentworth, Cartographer

Andy is very interested in the application of GIS in business, particularly in supporting better internal decision making for small businesses through data analytics, discovery and visualization. Externally speaking, Andy believes companies can participate in positive outreach by producing well-designed, honest, and insightful spatial infographics that can foster profitability and goodwill.

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