G565 Fall Undergraduate Colloquium

The annual Undergraduate Research Colloquium will take place on Friday, December 12th from 3:30 - 5:45 pm & 6:30-8:45 pm in 180 Science Hall. There will be 12 research projects presented by our undergraduate majors. This event is open to all.

Session One

3:30   Opening Remarks
William Gustav Gartner

3:40   Student Perceptions and Knowledge of Global Conflict at UW-Madison
Angela Bewick, Timur Girgin, Erika Nuñez  

4:00    Beyond the Frame: An Analysis of Museums as Therapeutic Spaces for Persons with Alzheimer's
Erin Bratz , Chelbi Stromblad, Kelsi Wallander 

4:20   Online Communities: Interactions and Place-Making in a Virtual Environment
Tyler Gorski, Brandon Kutsch,  Morgan Ripp, AJ Rohn 

4:40   Food Waste to Energy: The Potential for Anaerobic Digestion in Madison, WI
Barrett Clausen, Margo Levitt, Shannon Plunkett, Carly Snider  

5:00   An Environmental Justice Assessment of Public Park Amenities and Accessibility in Madison, WI
Rebecca Bailey, Alexis Clausen, Eunji Kang, Caroline Shea 

5:20   Street Eats: Exploring Madison's Food Cart Review
Nadia Carlson, Rose Carlson, Katherine Krohn, Daniel Stolovitzky 

Session Two

6:30   Opening Remarks
William Gustav Gartner

6:40   Street Lighting and Crime in Downtown Madison, WI
Naomi Crump, Trevor Elifritz, Dan Knuth   

7:00   Junior Hockey in Madison: Predicting the Capitol’s Success
Jaron McCallum, Zach Proeber, Brin Riley, Leonard Ziegler 

7:20   Community Responses to Water Quality Decline in the Lake Mendota Watershed
Scott Caple, Quincy Gottwig, Eric Gunderson, Weston Matthews 

7:40   A Landscape of Student Experience
Maxwell Albrecht, Erik Kramer, Jacob Moe, Craig Oswald 

8:00   Microbreweries and Place Marketing in Madison, WI
Kevin Englebert, Rian Nathani, Kevin Zickert 

8:20   Selling Terroir: A Geographical Analysis of the South-Central Wisconsin Wine Market
Jonathan Goodell , Jonathan Koser, Elizabeth Peters, Colton Schara