G565 Fall Undergraduate Colloquium

The annual Undergraduate Research Colloquium will take place on Thursday, December 12th from 4:00 - 6:30 pm & 7:00-9:50 pm in 180 Science Hall. There will be 15 research projects presented by our undergraduate majors. This event is open to all.

Session One

4:00 Opening Remarks, William Gartner

4:10 Ladies of Langdon: Safety and the Perception of Gendered Spaces,
Emmy Burns, Molly Ryan, and Brooke Harding

4:30 Divided Digitally: Computer Literacy in Wisconsin Schools,
Olivia Wilson, Tyler Nickerson, Tim Annear, Jake Stockman

4:50 Urban Cycling: Evaluating Madison, WI from Two Wheels,
Alison Ellis, Adam Gile, Sydney Prusak, and Caitlin Wolters

5:10 Beneath the Surface: Urban Fishing and Environmental Justice in Madison, WI (Documentary Film), Makie Matsumoto-Hervol, Mitch Johnson, Ellie Shand, Jessica Duma

5:30 Food Deserts: Evaluating Grocery Stores and Bus Accessibility using GIS in Madison, WI,
Brian Resch, Laura Gundlach, Masrudy Omri

5:50 Rural Landscape Change: Sketches of Transformation in Columbia County, WI,
Randy Banetzke, Brian Stum, Phoebe Krawczyk, and Kaylie Duffy

6:10 Home and Identity,
Chait Gaddam, Osama Abdl-haleem, Patrick Berthiaume.

6:30 BREAK (30 minutes)

Session Two

7:00 Opening Remarks, William Gartner

7:10 Stances with Wolves: The Influence of Native American Tribes on Wisconsin Wolf Management,
Summer Wilson, Emily Swenson, Corey Jean

7:30 The Rise and Fall of Lake Superior Ports: Visualizing Economic Trends and Their Cultural Significance (Interactive Website),
Tim Rooney, Tom Cox, Sunny Nguyen, Kelly Abplanalp

7:50 Digging Wisconsin Cities: A Geographic Analysis of Urban Agriculture in Milwaukee and Madison,
Dan Handel, Alexis Santiago, Meaghan Rafferty, Mike Meyer

8:10 Madison State of Mind: Demographics and Urban Form on State Street,
Will Baker, Morgan Ludtke, Dan Puerling, Dave Roberts

8:30 The Campus Environment and Student Well-Being at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Kyle Mills, Arianna Netzky

8:50 Place and Placelessness in International Airports,
Kayli Robinson

9:10 Urban Fire Regimes in Madison, WI,
Jonathan Cain, Maxwell Bueno, Michael Schmelter

9:30 A History of Environmental Justice in Memphis's Lamar Avenue Corridor (Interactive Website),
Alexis Greenstreet, Maira Utebaliyeva, Meg Healy, Nick Monfeli