Emeritus Faculty & Staff

Photo of Waltraud (Wally) Brinkmann
Brinkmann, Waltraud (Wally)

Email: wabrinkm@wisc.edu
Interests: Climatology, Natural Hazards

Photo of Onno Brouwer
Brouwer, Onno

Retired Director of the UW Cartographic Laboratory
Email: obrouwer@wisc.edu

Photo of William (Bill) Denevan
Denevan, William (Bill)

Carl O. Sauer Professor Emeritus
Email: sbden@saber.net
Interests: Historical Ecology, Latin America, especially Amazonia

Latest News: Bill writes that after 66 years of playing tennis he played his final match in November (due to declining equilibrium) but otherwise is in great health! Bill sure hasn’t slowed down on the publication front. His recent articles: "The Columbian Encounter and the Little Ice Age" (co-author, Annals of the Association of American Geographers), "The Pristine Myth Revisited" (Geographical Review), and "Rewriting the Late Pre-European History of Amazonia," (Journal of Latin American Geography).

Photo of Daniel (Dan) Doeppers
Doeppers, Daniel (Dan)

Email: dfdoeppe@wisc.edu
Office: 419 Science Hall
Phone: 608-255-3013
Interests: Social Change, Social and Historical Geography, Third World Cities, Southeast Asia.

Photo of Ted Koch
Koch, Ted

Retired State Cartographer
Email: tjkoch1@gmail.com

Photo of Philip (Phil) Muehrcke
Muehrcke, Philip (Phil)

Email: muehrcke@wisc.edu
Interests: Cognitive Map Design

Photo of Robert (Bob) Sack
Sack, Robert (Bob)

Email: rdsack@wisc.edu
Interests: Geographic Theory and Philosophy, Political and Economic Geography, Geography and Communication

Photo of Yi-Fu Tuan
Tuan, Yi-Fu

J. K. Wright and Vilas Professor Emeritus of Geography
Website: http://www.yifutuan.org/
Email: ytuan@wisc.edu
Office: M394 Science Hall
Phone: (608) 262-8112
Interests: Geosophy, Geography of film

Latest News: In August Yi-Fu published a new book entitled, "Humanist Geography: An Individual's Search for Meaning". He writes that it is a final testament of all that he has learned and encountered as a geographer. In October he was honored with the Vautrin-Lud International Geography Prize at the International Festival of Geography in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France. The Vautrin-Lud International Geography Prize, considered the Nobel Prize for geography, is the highest honor in the field of geography.

Photo of Thomas (Tom) Vale
Vale, Thomas (Tom)

Email: vale@geography.wisc.edu
Interests: Biogeography, Natural Resources, Landscapes and Landscape Change, American West

Photo of David Ward
Ward, David

Andrew Hill Clark Professor Emeritus, Interim Chancellor at UW-Madison
Email: davidward@chancellor.wisc.edu
Interests: As an urban geographer, David pioneered research on English and American cities during their rapid industrialization in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Latest News: Interim Chancellor David Ward returned to the leadership helm at UW-Madison in July 2011, having previously served in the position between 1993 and 2000. His term ends with the arrival of new chancellor, Rebecca Blank, this summer.