Robert Roth | Interactive Cartography


2010-2011 | GeoVISTA Center

The Basic Ordnance Observational Management System (BOOMsys) is a prototype application leveraging establish visual analytics techniques to support spatiotemporal sensemaking of improvised explosive device (IED) incidents. BOOMsys began as a term project by students Matt Murdock, Nick Maziekas, and Ben Finch in Alan MacEachren's G461W course, for which I served as laboratory instructor; I joined the design/development of application while supervising their follow-up internship with the Penn State GeoVISTA Center.

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crimevizGeoVISTA CrimeViz

2009-2011 | GeoVISTA Center

GeoVISTA CrimeViz is an extensible event visualization tool supporting spatio-temporal analysis of violent crimes. The project extends the Google Maps API for Flash to facilitate web-based interaction with and animation of geographically referenced crime incident datasets. I worked with Alan MacEachren and Kevin Ross to develop the proof-of-concept application in the District of Columbia. We were also assisted by Benjamin Finch, Wei Luo, and Craig McCabe on the research components of the project. We currently are working with the Harrisburg (PA) Police Department to transition the technology.

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whereintheworldWhere in the World: A Travel Map of Penn State Geographers

2010 | Peter. R. Gould Center

Where in the World: A Travel Map of Penn State Geographers is a map mashup that plots the travels of students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the Penn State Geography Department in space and time. I was asked to create a prototype of this application as part of my outreach responsibilities with the Peter R. Gould Center. The mashup takes advantage of the Google Maps API for Flash code library I released along with Kevin Ross; I also received input on the prototype from Paulo Raposo and Mike Dawson.

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gexportalGeovisual Explication Portal

2007-2009 | GeoVISTA Center

The Geovisual EXplication (G-EX) Web Portal is a web-based geocollaboration tool for the dissemination of geovisualization software and tools, learning artifacts supporting the use of these tools, and analysis artifacts generated during application of these tools. I worked with Alan MacEachren and Anthony Robinson on the proof-of-concept application. We also received received input and technical support from Frank Hardisty, Gene Lengerich, Craig McCabe and Scott Pezanowski.

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2007 | Student Project is an interactive tutorial of the ScaleMaster diagram and the ScaleMaster typology of multi-scale mapping (i.e., generalization) operators. I worked with Michael Stryker under the supervision of Cindy Brewer on the ScaleMaster taxonomy and initial prototype. We also received additional support from Carolyn Fish and Douglash Schoch.

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2007 | UW-Madison Cartography Lab

AsthMap (recently extended into Asthmapolis) is an online visualization tool for monitoring and analyzing asthma exacerbations in space and time for support of individual and public health. I worked on the early portions of the project along with Eve McGlynn, Zach Johnson, and Andy Woodruff on the proof-of-concept application. We also received guidance and input from Mark Harrower and David Van Sickle.

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lnpLakeshore Nature Preserve Interactive Map

2006-2007 | UW-Madison Cartography Lab

The Lakeshore Nature Preserve Interactive Map is an online atlas that presents a series of detailed, interwoven geographic stories about the natural areas on the UW-Madison campus. I worked with Andy Woodruff and Joel Przybylowski on this application assistance from Bill Cronon, Todd Dresser, Mark Harrower and Melanie McCalmont. This application was the winner of the 2006 ACSM-CaGIS Map Design Competition (Interactive/Digital, Professional Division), the 2007 AAG Best Website Award, and the 2007 WLIA Annual Conference Map Gallery Competition & Poster Contest (Interactive/Web-based Category).

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bluffcalculatorGreat Lakes Bluff Setback Calculator

2006-2007 | UW-Madison Sea Grant Institute

The Great Lakes Bluff Setback Calculator uses coordinated, multiple-view visualization to calculate and explain the requisite setback distance for structures built on the bluffs of the Great Lakes. This application is part of a broader project to educate the public about coastal bluff erosion on the Great Lakes. Development of the Great Lakes Bluff Setback Calculator was supervised by David Hart and David Michaelson.

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isolineengineIsoline Engine

2005-2006 | Student Project

Isoline Engine is a proof-of-concept application for the education of isarithmic mapmaking. The 'brewer'-like application visualizes the sensitivity of isoline map products to key input parameters, helping the user select an appropriate look and feel for his or her own isoline maps. I worked with Mark Harrower and Jim Burt to develop the prototype.

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trailoftearsTrail of Tears Interactive Map

2004 | Student Project

The Trail of Tears Intearctive Map is an interactive animation of the forced relocation of the Cherokee Nation in 1838. The Trail of Tears Interactive Map was one of my earliest efforts in interactive and animated cartography and was completed with the help of Kris Arneson and Josh Boll.

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