Robert Roth | Print Cartography

boomsysDohmen-Sitron Wedding Maps

2010 | Independent Work

This pair of maps depicts the driving directions for the marriage of Amanda Dohmen and Scott Sitron, two of my closest friends. I produced a map both for inclusion in the wedding invitation and to hand out following the ceremony to direct attendees to the reception. I had quite a lot of fun making these maps and it reminded me that it is important for academic cartographers to make time to make maps in order to maintain their skills.

invitation map | ceremony handout map

cervicalcancerUS Cervical Cancer Mortality 2000-2004: New Methods and New Findings

2009 | GeoVISTA Center

This poster portrays reliable spatial clusters of elevated cervical cancer mortality in the United States for the period 2000-2004. A suite of established and novel geocomputation, geovisual analytics, and cartographic representation techniques were applied to generate the central graphic. I designed this poster with the help of Jin Chen under the supervision of Alan MacEachren and Gene Lengerich. This poster was the 1st place winner of the 2009 College of EMS Graduate Poster Exhibit Award and the 2009 AAG CSG/GISSG/RSSG Illustrated Paper Competition.

poster | paper #1 | paper #2 | presentation #1 | presentation #2

psucampusmapPenn State Interactive Campus Map Redesign

2009 | Peter R. Gould Center

This map and accompanying poster illustrate the basemap redesign for a Penn State Interactive Campus Map prototype. The transition from the print to the digital medium led us to apply a great deal of generalization to the original basemap, making the removed information available through interaction with the map. I designed this map along with Tim Johnson, Mark Smithgall, and Adam Thomas.

map | poster

crimevizposterA near real-time visualization for understanding spatio-temporal patterns of violent crime in the District of Columbia

2009 | GeoVISTA Center

This poster provides an overview of a prototype implementation of GeoVISTA CrimeViz for the District of Columbia. GeoVISTA CrimeViz is an extensible event visualization tool supporting spatio-temporal analysis of violent crimes. I designed this poster along with Craig McCabe and Kevin Ross under the supervision of Alan MacEachren. This poster was the 3rd place winner of the 2009 DHS Summit Student Poster Competiton (125+ initial submissions)

poster | demo application | application video | paper | presentation

scalemastertypologyA Typology of Multi-Scale Mapping Operators

2008 | Student Project

The poster and accompanying booklet summarize the ScaleMaster typology of multi-scale mapping operators. The poster and booklet are intended for classroom education of cartographic generalization and provide a review of relevant literature on each operator and a visual example of the operator. I designed this poster with the help of Michael Stryker under the supervision of Cindy Brewer.

poster | booklet | demo application | paper | presentation #1 | presentation #2

autopassAn automated approach to site selection for restoration in fragmented landscapes

2007 | Student Project

This poster introduces the AutoPASS (Automatic Patch Analysis for Site Selection) method and presents an application of the method in the Baraboo Hills Forest of Central Wisconsin completed in cooperation with The Nature Conservency. I designed this poster along with Jesse Papez under the supervision of A-Xing Zhu. This poster was the winner of the 2007 College of EMS Graduate Poster Exhibit and the first runner-up of the 2007 WLIA Map Gallery Competition & Poster Contest (Map Poster Category).

poster | paper | presentation #1| presentation #2

northeyfamilyfarmNorthey Family Farm

2004 | Northey Family Trust

This map depicts the restoration of a 300-acre farm completed by the Northey Family Trust in conjunction with the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Leveraging the Happy Hollow Program Center map, I was hired as a freelance cartographer to map the restoration effort using GPS technology. My duties included all steps of map production, ranging from field GPS surveying, geodatabase construction/management, and map design.


ironmanwisconsinIronman Wisconsin Run Course

2004 | Student Project

This map depicts the run course for the 2004 Ironman Wisconsin triathlon. The map was a class project requiring students to redesign the existing Ironman Wisconsin run course map. The goals of the redesign were two-fold: (1) provide turn-by-turn directions of the course to prepare for the race and (2) provide a sense of the relative changes in elevation throughout the course.

map | original design

happyhollowHappy Hollow Program Center

2003 | Student Project

This map depicts the Happy Hollow Program Center, a camping and recreation area located near my hometown of Elkhorn, WI. In order to redesign an outdated, inaccurate map of the lands, I surveyed the trails, built features, camping areas, vegetation, and topography using GPS technology. The Happy Hollow Program Center Map was one of my earliest experiences in print cartography.