GIS Certificate Program - Current Students

Peter BauknechtPeter Bauknecht
Education: B.A., Geography,
Application Interest: Cartography

Matthew BougieMatthew Bougie
Education: B.A., Biology, Environmental Science (minor), UW-Green Bay
Application Interest: Natural resources management

Costanza BravoCostanza Bravo
Education: Geography, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Application Interest: Public health, epidemiology, global health and environmental studies

Hans BremerHans Bremer
Education: B.S., Environmental Science,
UW-Green Bay
Application Interest: Conservation, land management, wildfire management

Patrick DonahuePatrick Donahue
Education: B.A., Environmental Studies,
UW-Green Bay
Application Interest: Natural resources conservation

Stephanie EischStephanie Eisch
Education: B.A., Biological Aspects of Conservation, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Wildlife Conservation, Endangered Species Recovery, Land Management

Hayden ElzaHayden Elza
Education: B.A. Forest Science,
Application Interest: Forestry

Woody GrovesWoody Groves
Education: B.A. History & Canadian Studies, State University of NY-Plattsburgh
Application Interest: Human geography

Michelle HuMichelle Hu
Education: B.S. Biology, International Studies, Certificate Environmental Studies, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Conservation, water resources managment

Tyler HalversonTyler Halverson
Education: B.A. Geography, UW-Platteville
Application Interest: Transportation

Angie HansonAngelina Hanson
Education: B.A., Geography,
Application Interest: Public health, epidemiology, heathcare policy

Ryan HaltonRyan Halton
Education: B.A., Geography,
Application Interest: Urban Planning, land-use management, conservation.

Mark HarrisMark Harris
Education: B.A., Landscape Architecture,
Application Interest: Sustainable land use

Mitch JohnsonMitchell Johnson
Education: B.A. Geography & Spanish, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Human geography, conservation, human-environment interactions, urban planning

Sammy KailasSammy Kailas
Education: B.A., Anthropology & Classical Languages, Marquette University
Application Interest: Archaeology, public health, and demography

Steve KochaverSteve Kochaver
Education: B.S., Biology,
Application Interest:

Jesse KoyenJesse Koyen
Education: B.S., Wildlife Ecology & Environmental Studies,
Application Interest: Land use and climate change; natural resource conservation.

Phoebe KrawczykPhoebe Krawczyk
Education: B.A., Human Geography & Russian, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Conservation.

Angela LimbachAngela Limbach
Education: B.A., Geography & Communication Arts, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Physical geography; natural resource conservation

Steven MarksSteven Marks
Education: B.S., Psychology, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Astronomy, atmospheric sciences, and energy

Caitlin McKownCaitlin McKown
Education: B.A., Geography & Music Performance, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Environmental conservation, global climate change, health care reform

Bridget MonahanBridget Monahan
Education: B.S., History, UW-La Crosse
Application Interest: Cartography, urban planning

Dylan MoriarityDylan Moriarity
Education: B.A., History. UW-Madison
Application Interest: Cartography

Dean OlsenDean Olsen
Education: MBA, Marketing, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, B.A. Geography, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Lifestory mapping, consumer behavior, communications, and marketing

Chloe QuinnChloe Quinn
Education: B.A., Geography & Environmental Studies, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Cartographic design for applications in history, planning, healthcare and more!

Sam SchumacherSam Schumacher
Education: B.A., Environmental Studies,
Concordia College
Application Interest: Urban planning

Sarah ScottSarah Scott
Education: B.S., Biology (Ecology Emphasis), UW-Platteville
Application Interest: Biological/Ecological Research, Cartography, Environmental Consulting

Chris ScheeleChris Scheele
Education: B.S. Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Satellite Meteorology

Jake SchuttJake Schutt
Education: B.S., Geography (GIS emphasis), Urban Studies (minor), University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Application Interest: Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Urban Studies, Economics, Natural Resources, Cartography and Transportation Networks

Zach Stalter-ClouseZach Stalter-Clouse
Education: Environmental Science, Conservation, Goshen College, Indiana
Application Interest: Conservation and habitat restoration, land management.

James TouhillJames Touhill
Education: B.A., Geography,
Rhode Island College
Application Interest: Transportation, urban planning

Andrew UmentumAndrew Umentum
Education: B.A., Human Geography & Cultural Anthropology, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Geo-visualization for Resource Management, Green Infrastructure, Sustainable Industry, Bicycle Culture, Community Development

Dan Van DornDan Van Dorn
Education: M.S. Geographic and Cartographic Sciences, George Mason ; M.Ed., New England College
Application Interest: conveyance and representation of data (design, geovisualization), remote sensing, wildlife management

Kristen VincentKristen Vincent
Education: B.S., Chemistry, History minor, St. Norbert College
Application Interest: Environmental science, atmospheric science (meteorology), wildlife conservation.

Will WestburyWill Westbury
Education: B.S. Policial Science & Environmental Science, UW-Madison
Application Interest:

Stephen WymanStephen Wyman
Education: B.A. Geography & Philosophy,
Application Interest: Invasive species management