GIS Certificate Program - Current Students

Jamie BadamsJamie Badams
Education: B.A. Archaeology/Anthro,
Mercyhurst University
Application Interest: Cultural or natural resource management

Dawson Bancroft-ShortDawson Bancroft-Short
Education: B.S. in Environmental Science,
Chatham University
Application Interest: Wildlife ecology, conservation, and urban planning

Andrei BarjoveanuAndrei Barjoveanu
Education: B.A. Global Studies: Environment and Resources,
University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Application Interest: Environmental conservation, urban planning

Michael BrenneisMichael Brenneis
Education: M.S. Geology/Hydrogeology, University of Wyoming
Application Interest: Groundwater modeling; transportation and other network analysis.

Stephen ChangStephen Chang
Education: B.S. Zoology, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Conservation, ecology, zoology, forestry.

Woojin ChangWoojin Chang
Education: Ph.D. Geography,
University of Kansas
Application Interest: Cultural geography

Patty FaheyPatty Fahey
Education: B.A. Environmental Studies and Political Science, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Natural resource management, emergency management

Jonathan FokJonathan Fok
Education: M.S. Sustainable Transportation, University of Washington
Application Interest: Transportation Planning, Multi-Modal Analysis, Sustainability, Social Equity

Conner FrieseConner Friese
Education: B.S. Geosciences, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Geology

Emily GuentherEmily Guenther
Education: B.A. Geography, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Transportation, agriculture, demography.

Erik HeiselErik Heisel
Education: B.A. Geography,
Application Interest: Conservation, Habitat Restoration & Management, Urban Greenspace, Parks & Recreation, Urban Planning, Urban Agriculture, and Environmental Justice

Emily HellerEmily Heller
Education: B.A. Anthropology-Archaeology & Environmental Studies, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Archaeology, natural resources/conservation

Tess MacFarlaneTess MacFarlane
Education: B.A., Geography, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Environmental sustainability, urban planning

Kayne NeigherbauerKayne Neigherbauer
Education: BA - Geography, UW-Milwaukee
Application Interest: Planning, demographic research, environmental/natural resources stewardship, transportation, health.

Cody Schmitt Cody Schmitt
Education: B.S. Anthropology, Archaeology certificate, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Archaeology

Ana WellsAna Wells
Education: Ph.D., Soil Science
Application Interest: Distribution of plant communities from ecological disturbance

Will WestburyWill Westbury
Education: B.S. Policial Science & Environmental Science, UW-Madison
Application Interest:

Shelley Witte Shelley Witte
Education: B.S. Earth Science Education, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Science communication

Beichen TianBeichen Tian
Education: M.S. Urban and Regional Planning, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Environmental planning, web-based interactive mapping, wildlife conservation, community study and geodesign.

Cameron WeinCameron Wein
Education: B.S. Geography, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Urban planning, transportation

Nathanial WeierNate Weier
Education: M.S. Emergency Services Management, Columbia Southern University
Application Interest: Emergency management