CARTO’s in the House!

Mamata Akella from CARTO was in Science Hall this week to participate in a department-wide Design Challenge, participate in Maptime Madison, and give a CARTO Builder Webinar to our online master’s students (below). UW-Madison has arranged a special university site-license for our students using CARTO Builder. See what you can do with this amazing, cloud-based

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Screen Capture of GeoData@Wisconsin

Geospatial Data Sources: A Cheat Sheet

At their most basic level, maps show data. Before you can decide how to style your map, you first need to have the information that you will be mapping. But it isn’t always easy to find the data you need – so where should you start? Below are some data site suggestions and quick links to

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4 Reasons You Should Use Geospatial Databases

Shapefiles… GeoJSON… KML… There are tons of spatial vector file formats out there, and it can be overwhelming to try to figure out which format to use. It’s time to throw another format into the mix – Spatial Databases. Spatial databases help make your GIS and web mapping workflow seamless. If you don’t regularly incorporate these in

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Why We Teach You Responsive Web Design

Today 64% of American adults own a smartphone, almost double the percentage in 2011. Fully 7% of Americans have little-to-no access to the internet aside from their smartphone. The implication of this shift on how people consume the web is clear. Web map designers and GIS developers need to know how to design responsive web

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