Commonly Asked Questions

1. Where can I see a list of all the Geography courses in the catalog?

You can view the Graduate Catalog Geography section online ( Be aware that some courses are taught on an irregular basis, or the seminar topic may vary each semester. See the Department "Current Courses" for more help.

2. What is the difference between the MS in Cartography/ GIS and the GIS certificate program?

See MS Cart GIS vs. GIS Certificate chart (.pdf)

3.  I am currently a UW-Madison graduate student in a different department.  How do I add or change to a Geography major?

Your first step is to fill out an Application for Change of Major/Addition of Major for Currently Enrolled Graduate Students form, available from the Graduate Admissions Office, 228 Bascom Hall.  The Graduate School will send us a copy of this form. You are responsible for the following:

  1. writing a new statement of purpose for Geography,
  2. providing us with an advisory UW-Madison transcript (Window 17, Peterson Building),
  3. completing and printing (not submitting, as they will not be able to submit since they will not have an application ID) our Supplemental Department application, and
  4. requesting that your current department sends us copies of your original letters of reference.  If you do not feel these letters will adequately address your prospects as a student in the field of geography, please have three additional letters sent to us. Contact the Grad Student Coordinator to get a recommendation letter form.

See also our list of Student Resources.