Literary Selections on Cartography

No. 1: The Navigator's Line, with commentary (1992).
No. 2: A Treasure Map, with commentary (1993).
No. 3: John Donne on Maps and the Microcosm: A Sampler, with commentary(1994).
No. 4: How To Shut A Map, with commentary (1995).
No. 5: The Map by Elizabeth Bishop, with commentary (1996).
No. 6: Truth in Maps, with commentary (1997).
No. 7: The Map as a Metaphor for Access to Knowledge by Nicholas of Cusa, with commentary (1998).
No. 8: I have seen the Mappamondo, with commentary (1999).
No. 9: Carta Marina by Lucia Perillo, with commentary (2000).
No. 10: The Two Street Maps by Moira Roth, with commentary (2001).
No. 11: A Map of Time by William Oxley, with commentary (2002).

No. 12: The Map as a Repository of Memory: My Favorite Map by J. Brian Harley, with commentary (2003).
No. 13: Hymn to God, My God, In My Sickness by John Donne, with commentary (2004).
No. 14: The Moon Mapp'd: Imagining a New World, with commentary (2005).
No. 15: The Surveyor as "Madman", with commentary (2006).
No. 16: A Private Letter to Brazil by Gloria Oden, with commentary by Adele J. Haft (2007).
No. 17: Henry David Thoreau in Northern Maine, 1846, with commentary by Kent C. Ryden (2008).
No. 18: Votes for Women a Success, The Map Proves It, with commentary by Christina E. Dando (2009).
No. 19: Written with a Slate-pencil, on a Stone, on the Side of the Mountain of Black Comb
No. 21: Selection from West with the Night, by Beryl Markham, with commentary by Paul Hansen (2012).
No. 22: Looking at a Map, by Jacint Verdaguer, translated from the Catalan by Ronald Puppo, with commentary
by Carme Montaner (2013).

Literary Selections on Cartography

Published by the History of Cartography Project, Department of Geography, UW-Madison.

Broadsheets 1-3 and 5-11 printed by David Woodward and friends at the Juniper Press, Madison, Wisconsin.

Broadsheets 4, 12-16, and 19-21 printed by Tracy Honn at the Silver Buckle Press,
Madison, Wisconsin, where Sarah Noreen printed Broadsheets 17 and 18 under Honn's
direction, and where Julie Copenhagen assisted her in printing Broadsheet 22.

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