World Map of Pirrus de Noha, ca. 1414


Ptolemy's Geography was translated into Latin ca. 1406-7. Later mappaemundi,such as this one from an early fifteenth-century incipit by Pirrus de Noha of the De cosmographia of Pomponius Mela, show Ptolemaic influence by depicting a closed Indian Ocean, an elongated Mediterranean Sea, and the Mountains of the Moon at the source of the Nile.
Cover illustration, plate 19, and figure 18.79 in The History of Cartography, Volume 1, Cartography in Prehistoric, Ancient, and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean (1987).

Size of the original: 18 x 27 cm.
By permission of the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Rome (Archivio di San Pietro H. 31, fol. 8r).

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