Map of the Valley of Mexico, ca. 1540

Volume 2, Book 3, Cartography in the Traditional African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific Societies

Editors: David Woodward and G. Malcolm Lewis

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Preface, David Woodward

Chapter 1: Introduction, David Woodward and G. Malcolm Lewis

PART ONE Traditional Cartography in Africa

Chapter 2: Cartographic Content of Rock Art in Southern Africa, Tim Maggs

Chapter 3: Indigenous Mapmaking in Intertropical Africa, Thomas J. Bassett
PART TWO Traditional Cartography in the Americas

Chapter 4: Maps, Mapmaking, and Map Use by Native North Americans, G. Malcolm Lewis

Chapter 5: Mesoamerican Cartography, Barbara E. Mundy Chapter 6: Mapmaking in the Central Andes, William Gustav Gartner Chapter 7: Indigenous Cartography in Lowland South America and the Caribbean, Neil L. Whitehead
PART THREE Traditional Cartography in Arctic and Subarctic Eurasia

Chapter 8: Traditional Cartography in Arctic and Subarctic Eurasia, Elena Okladnikova

PART FOUR Traditional Cartography in Australia

Chapter 9: Icons of Country: Topographic Representations in Classical Aboriginal Traditions, Peter Sutton

Chapter 10: Aboriginal Maps and Plans, Peter Sutton
PART FIVE Traditional Cartography in the Pacific Basin

Chapter 11: The Pacific Basin: An Introduction, Ben Finney

Chapter 12: Traditional Cartography in Papua New Guinea, Eric Kline Silverman

Chapter 13: Nautical Cartography and Traditional Navigation in Oceania, Ben Finney Chapter 14: Maori Cartography and the European Encounter, Phillip Lionel Barton Chapter 15: Concluding Remarks, David Woodward and G. Malcolm Lewis Editors, Authors, and Project Staff

Bibliographical Index

General Index, Ellen D. Goldlust-Gingrich

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