W[illiam] Folkingham, Feudigraphia (1610)

Feudigraphia: The Synopsis or Epitome of Surveying Methodized

The term "surveying" originally applied only to the description and assessment of land as the subtitles of Folkingham's book suggests ("Anatomizing the whole corps of the facultie, viz. the materiall, mathematicall, mechanicall and legall parts: intimating all the incidents to fees and possessions, and whatsoeuer may be comprized vnder their matter, forme, proprietie, and valuation: very pertinent to be perused of all those, whom the right, reuenewe, estimation, farming, occupation, manurance, subduing, preparing and imploying of arable, medow, pasture, and all other plots doe concerne...."). Measurement and mapping were added only later. William Folkingham's book, which was intended as a guide for those acquiring land in Ireland or Virginia, contains little in the way of mapping methods except the use of the plane table and chain.

Courtesy of the Department of Special Collections, Memorial Library