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Civitates orbis terrarum (1572-1618), Cities of Czaslavia and Commoda (1617)

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to "Windows on the World," an exhibit of maps drawn from the collections on the University of Wisconsin—Madison campus. Its purpose is to reveal for the general public and university community the tip of an iceberg of historical map resources that has not always been associated with the university. It is launched on the occasion of the 24th annual Institute for Research in the Humanities Burdick-Vary symposium on Cartography in the European Renaissance (6-8 April 2000). The symposium is intended as a forum for issues arising out of the research for Volume Three of the History of Cartography Project.

David Woodward, Director
The History of Cartography Project

Exhibit Hours

9AM to 5PM Monday-Friday
April through June 2000

Exhibit Location

9th Floor of the Memorial Library
Department of Special Collections
University of Wisconsin—Madison
728 State Street, Madison, WI