Science Hall Computer Support: Information for TAs

380 Lab

The computers are set to Deep Freeze, which means they are automatically shut down and reset to a default state every night at midnight. Any software installed will be deleted. Any custom settings will be reset.

There is a ThawSpace drive (T:\) that does not get overwritten at night. This is for temporary storage of data during a class period and also for some applications that need this space to work properly. Please do not delete existing folders on the D:\ drive and advise students not to do this as well. Instructors should use the classes (S:\) drive to store anything long term. Students should use flash drives for anything they want to save between labs.

The computers are updated every semester. It takes some time to get them all configured, so any software or configuration changes should be requested at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.

The password for students and instructors changes every semester. The new password will be posted on the podium and on the white board at the start of the semester.

There are spare batteries for the wireless mouse located in the drawer of the podium.

Students in your 380 lab can print to the printers near the card reader in M376.

M376 Lab

This is a drop-in lab for Geography/Nelson students and those currently taking Geography classes. Open door hours are 8am-4pm. Geography students can use the touch pad for after-hours access. This code will change periodically. Current students will be given the code. Faculty/TAs have the option of giving out this code to non-Geography students in their class who need to access the specialized software in the labs after hours. Please remind students to keep the door closed during the off hours for their own safety.

The computers in this lab have all the same software as the 380 computers. However, they are older computers and may not have the same speed and power.

Students can print to the printers near the card reader in M376.


TAs are allowed to use the Sharp printer in Rm.160 for teaching related material. You need to have an account number and mailbox assignment – see Alice in Rm.155 for both. The computer helpdesk people can install drivers on your computer so you can connect to this printer. Use the IRM or email to make an appointment for installation.

Wireless printing is only available through the Geography Department VPN (which has replaced the static IP VPN). See the VPN Setup section under Documentation at for more information.