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Mario Bruzzone

Graduate student (Ph.D.)

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Past Education

M.Sc., Geography, University of Wisconsin–Madison (2012)
B.A., Oberlin College (2004)

Research Areas

Migration; labor geographies; feminist geographies; social movements and activism; violence


My dissertation research examines the economic integration of Central American migrants within Mexico, and especially those migrants in transit towards the United States. Mexico's long history of the exploitation of emigrants via a multiplicity of social formations—wage labor, neo-feudalism, caciquismo, work-trade, localized rent-extraction, and so forth—shows how newer flows of Central Americans to and through the country represent a new development within a specific history of migrant exploitation. I am particularly attentive to how migrant labor stratifies by survival strategy and occupational sector; how forms of difference and identity give rise to social hierarchies within migration economies; and how power obtains through a variety of economic processes, including work organization, production, and exchange.

My Master's research concerned a group of activists in rural Veracruz, Mexico known as "Las Patronas." I looked to ways that the group tried was forced to both engage with and evade the clientelistic tendencies of the Mexican state. In addition, my work took their action—they give food, water, and clothing to migrants who they will never meet, because the trains are moving—as exemplary of feminist care ethics. I have several manuscripts in progress based on this research and subsequent visits.

In 2013, subsequent to my time with them, Las Patronas were awarded the Premio Nacional de Derechos Humanos (National Human-Rights Prize) by Mexico's Comision Nacional de Derechos Humanos (National Human-Rights Commission).


Woodward, Keith and Mario Bruzzone. Forthcoming. Touching Like a State. Antipode. Abstract

Bruzzone, Mario. 2013. In La Patrona. you are here: the journal of creative geography XVI: 29-33.

Bruzzone, Mario. 2012. "Putting the 'Critical' in Critical Mass: Patriarchy, Radical Feminism, and Radical Inclusiveness." In Carlsson, Chris, LisaRuth Elliott, and Adriana Camarena, eds., SHIFT HAPPENS! Critical Mass at 20, San Francisco: Full Enjoyment Press.

Bruzzone, M., Neely, A., Peterson, S. and Woodward, K. 2012. "The 2011 Wisconsin Protests." In Knox, P.L. and S.A. Marston, Human Geography: Places and Regions in Global Context, 6th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall

Awards and Honors

Trewartha Graduate Travel Grant, Spring 2014
Trewartha Graduate Travel Grant, Spring 2013
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Spring 2013
Trewartha Graduate Research Award, Spring 2011
Trewartha Graduate Travel Grant, Fall 2011

Contact Information

Email: : bruzzone@wisc.edu

On Twitter: @Mario_Bruzzone