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Adam Mandelman

Graduate student (Ph.D.)

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Past Education

M.S., Geography, UW-Madison, 2008 (Advisor: Bill Cronon)
B.A., Sarah Lawrence College, 2003


My dissertation is a historical geography of water in the Mississippi River delta from about 1850 to the present. My research relies on a diverse range of archival documents, basic mapping/spatial analysis, "landscape reading," and interviews.

Lying at the intersections of cultural and historical geography, environmental history, and the history of science, my work draws on interdisciplinary literatures focused on water, cultural landscapes, environmental ethics and justice, health and environment, permeability, and scientific objects. More


Lecturer, Environmental Conservation (Geog 339)
UW-Madison Department of Geography & Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, Fall 2012

Teaching Assistant, Global Physical Environments (Geog 120)
Dr. John Williams & Dr. James Knox, UW-Madison Department of Geography, Spring 2009

Teaching Assistant, American Environmental History (History/Geog 460)
Dr. William Cronon, UW-Madison Department of History, Fall 2008


Mandelman, Adam. "Unstrategic Essentialism: Material Culture and Hawaiian Articulations of Indigeneity,"
Social and Cultural Geography 15 (2014): 172-200

Contact Information

Website: http://www.adammandelman.net/

Mailing Address:
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Geography
550 N. Park Street
Madison, WI 53706

Email: : mandelman@wisc.edu

On Twitter: @amandelman