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Samuel Munoz

Graduate student (Ph.D.)

Photo of Samuel Munoz

Past Education

B.Sc., Geography and Geomatics, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
M.Sc., Geography, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

Research Areas

Paleoecology, historical ecology, human-environment interaction, geoarchaeology


Munoz, S.E., Gruley, K.E., Massie, A., Fike, D.A., Schroeder, S., & Williams, J.W. (2015) Cahokia’s emergence and decline coincided with shifts of flood frequency on the Mississippi River. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. On-line Early Release

Munoz, S.E., Mladenoff, D.J., Schroeder, S., Williams, J.W. (In Press). Defining the spatial patterns of land use associated with the indigenous societies of eastern North America. Journal of Biogeography.

Munoz S.E., Schroeder, S., Fike, D.A., Williams, J.W. (2014). A record of sustained prehistoric and historic land use from the Cahokia region, Illinois, USA. Geology 42(6): 499-502.

Gajewski, K., Munoz, S.E., Peros, M.C., Viau, A.E., Morlan, R., Betts, M. (2011). The Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Database (CARD): archaeological radiocarbon dates in North America and their paleoenvironmental context. Radiocarbon 53(2): 371-394.

Munoz, S.E., Gajewski, K., Peros, M.C. (2010). Synchronous environmental and cultural change in the prehistory of the northeastern United States. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 107(51): 22008-22013.

Munoz, S.E., Gajewski, K. (2010). Distinguishing prehistoric human influence on late Holocene forests in southern Ontario, Canada. The Holocene 20(6): 967-981.

Peros, M.C., Munoz, S.E., Gajewski, K., Viau, A.E. (2010). Prehistoric demography of North America inferred from radiocarbon data. Journal of Archaeological Science 37: 656-664.

Book Reviews

Munoz, S.E. (2013). Surviving Sudden Environmental Change (J. Cooper & P. Sheets, eds.). Heritage & Society 6(2): 203-204.

Awards and Honors

2013-15: National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, Geography & Spatial Sciences
(Co-PI with J. Williams), BCS-1333070: $14,509

2013-15: Novel Ecosystems NSF-IGERT Traineeship, University of Wisconsin-Madison (V. Radeloff, PI): $60,000

2013: Geological Society of America, Graduate Student Research Grant: $1,98

2013: Geological Society of America, Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology Division, John Montagne Award

2011-12: National Geographic Society, Young Explorer's Grant, YEG-9008-11: $2,844

2011: American Association of Geographers, Paleoenvironmental Change Specialty Group Graduate Student Award: $500

2011: National Lacustrine Core Facility (LacCore), Graduate Student Travel Grant: $1,000

2010-12: National Science and Engineering Research Council (Canada), Canada Graduate Scholarship
(declined study abroad): $70,000

2010-12: National Science and Engineering Research Council (Canada), Post-Graduate Scholarship: $42,000

2008-10: National Science and Engineering Research Council (Canada), Post-Graduate Scholarship: $35,000

2008-10: Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, Ontario Graduate Scholarship
(declined for NSERC-PGS): $30,000


American Quaternary Association, American Association of Geographers, Geological Society of America, Society for American Archaeology, Midwest Archaeological Society

Contact Information

Website: http://munozse.wordpress.com

Office: 201 Science Hall

Mailing Address:
Department of Geography
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Science Hall, Room 201
550 North Park Street
Madison, WI 53706

Email: : semunoz@wisc.edu