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Mikaela Weisse

Graduate student (M.S.)

Photo of Mikaela Weisse

Past Education

BS, Environmental Science, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2010

Research Areas

Tropical deforestation, GIS, land cover change, mining, Latin America


Broadly, I am interested in how human activities affect tropical deforestation, and how conservation initiative can slow the course of land cover change. My thesis research focuses on buffer zones as a conservation tool in the Peruvian Amazon. I use both quantitative spatial analyses and qualitative interviews in my work, to better understand the impact of buffer zones in Peru and how they can be improved.


Teaching Assistant
Geog 309: People, Land, and Food, Spring 2015
Geog 434: People, Wildlife, and Landscapes, Fall 2014


Weisse, M. J., Omri, M., White, G., Roth, R. E., & Naughton-Treves, L. C. (2015). Who owns paradise? Using web mapping to enhance a geography course exercise about tropical forest conservation. Journal of Maps, 11(3): 525-533.

Contact Information

Office: 413 Science Hall

Office Hours: Wednesday 12-2

Email: : mweisse@wisc.edu