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Kramer Gillin

Graduate student (Ph.D.)

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Past Education

M.S., Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2014
B.A., Geography, Macalester College, 2007
Concentration: Middle East Studies and Islamic Civilization


Pastoral mobility, land tenure, environmental governance, legal pluralism, Islamic law and economics, land use change, remote sensing, development, and "resource conflicts".

Regional focus: Afghanistan and Central Asia.
PhD Minor: Law

PhD Research: For my dissertation, I plan to conduct fieldwork in Tajikistan to explore how livestock mobility has been changed in the post-Soviet era, how land access is negotiated by herders and farmers in an evolving legal landscape, and how these new systems of land tenure and livestock mobility are altering land cover and land use.

M.S. Thesis: My master's thesis examined legal pluralism in community-based resolutions of disputes regarding pasture access in northern and central Afghanistan. I described how different actors (nomadic and sedentary groups of various ethnicities) mobilized different rules systems, and how the tenure arrangements that emerged from these resolutions carry important implications for the livestock economy, socio-political relations, and the natural environment.


Teaching Assistant
GEOG 339 - Environmental Conservation, Fall 2011 GEOG 340 - World Regions in Global Context, Summer 2014

GEOG 340 - World Regions in Global Context, Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

Other Activities


Contact Information

Office: 460 Science Hall

Office Hours: Tuesday 1-3pm & Wednesday 2:30-4:30pm

Email: : kgillin@wisc.edu