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Nick Lally

Graduate student (Ph.D.)

Photo of Nick Lally

Past Education

MFA, Digital Arts and New Media, University of California, Santa Cruz
BS, Art and Sociology, University of Oregon

Research Areas

Software studies, social movements, visual studies, social and spatial theory, critical GIS


I am a geographer, artist, and computer programmer with research interests in software studies, social movements, visual epistemology, spatial theory, feminist thought, and contemporary philosophy. My academic work describes the role of software in constructing the world through its material entanglement with social, political, and economic systems, while my artwork manipulates these entanglements to produce new forms and experiences. My current projects focus on algorithmic surveillance practices, technologies of policing, and speculative cartography/GIS.


Lally, N. 2016. Crowdsourced surveillance and networked data. Security Dialogue.

Thatcher, J., L. Bergmann, B. Ricker, R. Rose-Redwood, D. O'Sullivan, T. J. Barnes, L. R. Barnesmoore, L. Beltz Imaoka, R. Burns, J. Cinnamon, C. M. Dalton, C. Davis, S. Dunn, F. Harvey, J.-K. Jung, E. Kersten, L. Knigge, N. Lally, W. Lin, D. Mahmoudi, M. Martin, W. Payne, A. Sheikh, T. Shelton, E. Sheppard, C. W. Strother, A. Tarr, M. W. Wilson, and J. C. Young. 2016. Revisiting critical GIS. Environment and Planning A. 48 (5):815-824.


Robert F. & Jean E. Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies

Contact Information

Website: http://nicklally.com

Office: 401 Science Hall

Mailing Address:
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Geography, Box #51
550 N. Park Street
Madison, WI 53706

Email: : nlally@wisc.edu