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Jip Areeprachakun

Graduate student (Ph.D.)

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Past Education

M.S. Human Geography: Society and Space, University of Bristol, UK B.A. Geography, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Research Areas

My research interest is the impacts of racialized boundaries on immigrant workers in Thai society. The problem of immigrant workers is one of the mainstream issues of interest to Thai social movements. Moreover, in 2015 the establishment of ASEAN community will result in the advancement of transportation within Southeast Asia. This will impact the immigration of laborers. I focus in the changes in Thai society and space resulting from Lao workers, Burmese workers and Cambodian workers: some groups of workers may have little impact on Thai society, while others may have greater impact. Additionally, the relationship between migrant workers and local people is my second interest in the research.

Contact Information

Office: 480 Science Hall

Mailing Address:
University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Geography 550 N. Park Street Madison, WI 53706

Email: : areeprachaku@wisc.edu