In the lab I guide students through meaningful learning experiences in the process of creative production. The students learn to put their coursework into action, and gain the skills necessary to successfully navigate the data visualization field. Students who work with me learn about the business of cartography, philosophies of design, career application preparation, project management, and technical skills. I provide opportunities for them to sit next to figurative giants in the field, and work with experts of disciplines across our campus, and beyond. It is my job to keep challenging them, which includes a constant demand for projects, emerging research, and new connections.

I provide learning opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in the geospatial, data visualization, and data-driven web development fields. To do this requires that we are constantly balancing a number of projects in the lab. We take our love of maps into classrooms, host workshops and field trips in our building, and go out into the community to teach about careers in these fields, and teach technical skills.

Contact Information

Tanya Buckingham
Office: 375 Science Hall
Email: tanya.buckingham@wisc.edu
Twitter: @tanmabuck