University of Wisconsin–Madison

Finishing Your Master’s

Finishing your Master’s (Thesis Option)

The Graduate School has a very useful webpage that discusses the steps to completing your master’s degree, including deadlines, details, and instructions about formatting and finishing your thesis.

A few notes about these pages:

  • Don’t forget to enroll in the semester (fall, spring or summer) in which you intend to complete your degree.
  • Don’t forget to request your warrant at least 3 weeks before your defense. Work with the Graduate Program Director to make this request.
  • When “department style requirements” are referred to, consult with your advisor or use the AAG format.
  • The Advisor’s Approval page used in the Geography Department looks like this. The Graduate Program Director will include copies of this page in your file, along with your warrant, for signatures at your defense.
  • You are required to deposit your thesis in the Memorial Library as well as the Geography Department. The Geography Department will require a printed copy as well as an electronic file of your thesis.

Exit Interview

All graduating students are expected to have an exit interview with the Graduate Program  Director. The purpose of the interview is for us to get some feedback from you on the effectiveness of our graduate program.