University of Wisconsin–Madison

Geography 575 Spring 2017

Student Final Projects

In Geography 575, students learn the principles of UI/UX (user interface/user experience) design for interactive web maps. They apply these principles through two labs and a final project. The labs utilize two different JavaScript code libraries for making client-side web maps: Leaflet, which creates tile-based slippy maps, and D3, which renders vector linework using the SVG standard. Students choose their own dataset to map for each lab. Students design and execute their final projects from the ground up in groups of three. They develop a proposal that specifies the topic, datasets, and technologies they will use and includes wireframes of the application, work together to code the app using GitHub for version control, and create a one-minute video to document the final product.

Below are the videos and links to the final projects from Spring Semester, 2017. You are welcome to contact the students involved using the information given on each site. For more information on the course in general, contact Dr. Robert Roth at

  1. Historic US Flight Delays

  2. Natural Disaster Mapper

  3. World Biodiversity Atlas

  4. Chicago Public High Schools: College Readiness

  5. Social Progress Interactive

  6. Antarctica Weather Stations

  7. Visualization of Urban Temperatures in Madison, WI
    (No video provided)
  8. Human Trafficking at Home: Reporting and Legislating in the United States