University of Wisconsin–Madison

Being a UW Student Has Its Perks

Who said that going back to college doesn’t have advantages?

As a Badger, you’ll receive discounts at major retailers across the country. Generally it is as easy as associating your university WiscMail account with your existing store accounts.

If you have a student ID, you can receive discounts at restaurants and movie theaters.

Even better? You’ll have free GIS software, including:

  • Free ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro Credits
  • Free enterprise-level account to CARTO
  • Free Windows OS and MS Office 360
  • Adobe CC Suite for $60 a year
  • Free access to all materials

The benefits are numerous, but several university sanctioned discounts are linked to below.

Software Discounts

Amazon Prime Student

100 Stores Giving University Student Discounts

Unidays Student Discount Site