University of Wisconsin–Madison

Certificate Program Curriculum


This program consists of 4 core courses, a minimum of 1 elective and an independent capstone project. You will need to complete a minimum of 16 credits while in the program. You may transfer in 4 credits of required coursework taken previously (approval needed if taken at another institution).

The 2-credit capstone project is tailored to individual backgrounds and interests. We welcome work-related projects by students who are presently employed. The capstone project can be taken any semester but should be taken in conjunction with or after taking G578: GIS Applications.


Students entering in the spring semester may need three semesters to complete coursework since the Geog 578 is not offered in the fall of even years and requires Geog 377 as a prerequisite.

No certificate courses are offered in the summer.

Core courses (15 credits):
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  • Geog 370: Introduction to Cartography, 4 cr. Every semester
  • Geog 377: Introduction to GIS, 4 cr. Every semester
  • Geog 560: Adv. Quantitative Methods, 3 cr. Spring only
  • Geog 578: GIS Applications, 4 cr. (pre-req: Geog 377) Spring only

Electives (At least one of the following):

  • Geog 371: Intro to Remote Sensing, 3 cr. Fall only
  • Geog 378: Intro to Geocomputing (programming), 4 cr. Fall only
  • Geog 572: Graphic Design in Cartography 4 cr.(Pre-req: 370) Fall only
  • Geog 575: Interactive Cartography & Geovisualization, 4 cr. (Pre-req: G370) Spring only
  • Geog 576: Spatial Web & Mobile Programming. 4 cr. (Pe-req: G378) Spring only

Internship/Capstone Project(2 credits):

  • Geog 602: Capstone project, 2 cr. Every semester


Questions? Of course you have some. Please don’t hesitate to ask us.