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The University of Wisconsin–Madison has run an award-winning Master’s of Science in Cartography/GIS for many decades.

The curriculum of our Master’s program is continually revised to teach the latest technologies and techniques in the field of applied GIS and map design. This new online Master’s is the latest pedagogical adjustment in the evolution of the degree. It is by far one of our most ambitious modifications.

Research has shown that GIS programming, mobile applications, and web mapping our the technologies that are increasingly in demand today and will be for years to come. This is why we have re-created our Master’s to offer professional students an opportunity to focus on these these skill areas.

The shift from the paper to mobile/web medium caused some mayhem in the GIS industry. Those with a degree in GIS or cartography from as recently as 2005 were suddenly dealing with the challenges of new mediums that do not play well with certain print concepts.

Another aspect of this revolution is that Applied GIS is less marketable than GIS development and programming. Unfortunately, many Professional GIS degrees still focus on application, rather than tool creation.

Our new program is here to fill this void.

The Program

We offer an amazing online Master of Science program designed for working professionals. Applications are currently being accepted for Fall 2017. Apply by April 15, 2017 for first consideration. 

The 32-credit GIS and Web Map Programming (GisWMP) degree teaches exactly what you need to advance your GIS career and stay relevant for years to come.

Unlike many of our competitors, our program focuses on GIS Development. Topics include programming, mobile app creation, and web map scripting. Our courses are designed to build off of one another and reinforce your skills as you go through the curriculum.

With your Master’s, not only will you earn a degree of distinction from a world-renowned geography department, you’ll graduate confident in your programming skills.