About this Project

Project Faculty:

Sarah's Image
Dr. Sarah A. Moore
Assistant Professor of Geography
Email: sarah.moore@wisc.edu
Rob's Image
Dr. Robert E. Roth
Associate Professor of Geography
Email: reroth@wisc.edu

Morgan's Image
Dr. Morgan Robertson
Associate Professor of Geography
Phone: (608) 890-3815
Email: mmrobertson@wisc.edu

Graduate Student Project Assistants:

Heather's Image
Heather Rosenfeld
Email: hrosenfeld@wisc.edu
Eric's Image
Eric Nost
Email: nost@wisc.edu
Rafi's Image
Mohammed Rafi Arefin
Email: marefin@wisc.edu
Kristen's Image
Kristen Vincent
Email: kvincent2@wisc.edu