U.S. Facilities that both Import and Export Hazardous Waste

United States Sites that both Import and Export Hazardous Waste: 2007-2012

Please note this page may take a while to load. We are working on the issue. Some hazardous waste processing sites in the United States both import and export hazardous waste. Several of these are owned by Clean Harbors, a company known as a leader in the hazardous waste trade industry. As seen on the map, the Great Lakes region of the United States is an active area for both the import and export of hazardous waste.

The above map shows hazardous waste importing and exporting sites for 2007 through 2012. Below, you can see a state level view of imports and exports for 2012. Some states, such as Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota imported and exported a similar amount while states like Michigan, Arkansas, and California predominantly imported or exported waste for that year.

2012 US Imports and exports by state