Demographics of Communities
Importing Waste

United States Importing Community Demographics: 2007, 2009-2012

The communities surrounding hazardous waste facilities vary in their ethnic and economic make-up, two factors common in Environmental Justice studies. The map above shows the correlation between the number of hazardous waste shipments and the percent of people in poverty by census tract, with the ability to toggle to view the correlation between shipments and percent of non-white residents by census tract. Below, the median household income of United States importing sites is visualized, also at the census tract level. As seen on the maps, there is an uneven distribution of hazardous waste importing facilities in the United States and an uneven amount of shipments going to those facilities. Additionally, waste processing sites are located in tracts with a variety of socio-economic compositions. In some cases, there were many shipments to sites located in areas with a high percent of people below the poverty line and to very low median household income areas.

shipments per state shaded by census tract median hh income