What Portion of the Hazardous Waste Trade
is in Toxic Material?

What percent of materials are toxic?

The data for this map comes from EPA's Chemical Hazard Information Profiles (CHIP). A material is considered cancer-causing, environmentally degrading, or a workplace hazard if it has been listed on the Toxic Releases Inventory list as such. For carcinogens, we also consider placement on the National Toxicology Program list as a known or "reasonably anticipated" carcinogen. Percentages are calculated as proportion of import shipments that contained a toxic. Note: this map only shows solid hazardous waste. Waste mercury also accounts for some of these shipments. Please note that other wastes from our dataset may belong to these categories, but we were only able to classify them based on the descriptions provided on the manifest. For example, spelling errors on the manifest, translated over to our data, affect the results.