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Science & Traditional Knowledge Policy Advisor - Government of Yukon

Job Description & Duties:

Government of Yukon recognizes the equal importance of incorporating traditional knowledge and scientific knowledge to support evidence-based decision-making. This position’s primary responsibility will be to lead Government of Yukon’s engagement with Yukon First Nations and transboundary Aboriginal peoples to develop a government-wide policy to address First Nation ownership, confidentiality and other concerns with respect to traditional knowledge while supporting its respectful application in government actions and decisions.

To the extent possible, this position will also support advancing Government of Yukon’s commitment to make scientific knowledge easily retrieved, transferred, shared and used to support evidence based decision making.

Essential Qualifications:

• Considerable knowledge of governance structures, guidelines, policies and procedures around ownership, control, access and possession of traditional knowledge.
• Strong understanding of, and experience in supporting the incorporation of traditional knowledge into decision making.
• Knowledge of First Nations’ cultures, traditions, and social and economic history; related to Yukon First Nations is an asset
• Experience facilitating and leading group consultations with diverse interests to reach a successful outcome.
• Experience analyzing, developing and presenting comprehensive policy options through collaborative processes.

Candidates who have education, training, and/or experience equivalent to the essential qualifications listed above may be equally considered.

Desired Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

• Ability to work in a cross-cultural context.
• Ability to anticipate and respond to the needs and concerns of others while expanding the application of different forms of knowledge in decision making.
• Ability to take a comprehensive, long-term corporate view, critically assess options and implications and link decisions and recommendations to strategic goals.
• Experience promoting the establishment, development and application of positive organizational values, ethics and standards of conduct.
• Ability to lead a work place change initiative and a willingness to try new approaches.
• Ability to foster relationships and work cooperatively with Government of Yukon departments, First Nations and other governments, and academia.

For more information, please contact: Amy Campbell, Human Resources at (867) 456-6123 or

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Expires On: 2017-06-30