NOAA Nautical Charts are available online: NOAA Online Chart Viewer

Download Electronic Navigation Charts for direct use in GIS software: ENCs Online

Historical NOAA Charts for download: NOAA Historical Nauticals

FAA Aeronautical Charts are available online: FAA Online Chart Catalog

The paper chart collection in the Map Library is made up primarily of those produced by organizations like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (formerly NIMA), the Federal Avaiation Administration (FAA), the Military Survey Division of the UK, and the National Ocean Service (NOS).

Nautical Charts

  • NGA (formerly NIMA) Nautical Charts (U.S. and World)
  • NOAA/NOS Nautical Charts (primarily U.S.)
  • Army Corps of Engineers River Navigation Charts (i.e. Tennessee, Mississippi, etc.) – various scales

Aeronautical Charts

  • Helicopter Route Charts|IFR Area Chart
  • FR Area Charts
  • IFR Enroute High/Low Altitude Charts
  • IFR/VFR Wall Planning Charts
  • Jet Navigation Charts (JNC)
  • Joint Operations Graphic (JOG)
  • North Atlantic Route Charts
  • North Pacific Route Charts
  • Operational Navigation Charts (ONC)
  • Sectional Aeronautical Charts
  • Tactical Pilotage Charts (TPC)
  • World Aeronautical Charts