University of Wisconsin–Madison

Master of Science in Cartography/GIS – Thesis Option

Graduate students in our Master of Science programs are expected to acquire a broad foundation in geography in addition to specialization in one or more thematic areas. Students who earn the MS degree are prepared for teaching in some small colleges, and for applied geography posts or cartographic positions in government agencies, planning organizations, environmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private industry.

Students interested in learning to apply GIS techniques in a non-academic setting should consider our resident GIS Certificate Program or online Professional Master’s. Click for a comparison between the three programs.

Degree requirements for the MS-Cartography/GIS (residential program) are detailed here. Please note that significant requirement changes went into effect for students beginning the program in Fall 2014. This document includes details for students who began BEFORE Fall 2014 and AFTER Fall 2014. Be sure to pay attention to which requirements apply.