University of Wisconsin–Madison

Sarah Supp

Honorary Fellow (Williams Lab)


Ph.D. Ecology, Utah State University, 2013

Research Areas

I am a broadly trained ecologist primarily interested in addressing questions that work across ecological boundaries (e.g., spatial, temporal and organizational scales). My work includes field experiments, macroecology, and computational approaches to studying biodiversity in changing systems.


National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow 2014-2017

Recent Publications

Supp, S.R. and S.K.M. Ernest. 2014. Species-level and community-level responses to disturbance: a cross-community analysis. Ecology.

White, E.P., E.M. Baldridge, Z.T. Brym, K.J. Locey, D.J. McGlinn, and S.R. Supp. 2013. Nine simple ways to make it easier to (re)use your data. Ideas in Ecology and Evolution . 6: 1-10

Supp, S.R., X. Xiao, S.K.M. Ernest, and E.P. White. 2012. An experimental test of the response of macroecological patterns to altered species interactions. Ecology. 93: 2505-2511.

Cobbold, S.M. and S.R. Supp. 2012. Patch shape alters spider community structure: links between microhabitat choice and sensitivity to increased edge habitat. Journal of Insect Conservation . 4: 581-589.

Thibault, K.M., S.R. Supp, M. Giffin, E.P. White and S.K.M. Ernest. 2011. Species composition and abundance of mammalian communities. Ecology. 92: 2316.

Supp, S.R. and E.P. White. 2010. Measures of journal quality should separate reviews from original research. Ideas in Ecology and Evolution . 3: 16-19.

Donnell, R.P., S.R. Supp and S.M. Cobbold. 2010. Hindrance of conservation biology by delays in the submission of manuscripts. Conservation Biology . 24: 615-620.

Contact Information



On Twitter: @srsupp