University of Wisconsin–Madison

Sarah A. Moore

Assistant Professor


PhD, University of Kentucky, 2006
MA, Geography, University of Kentucky, 2001
Certificate in Social Theory, University of Kentucky, 2000
BA, Anthropology, University of Iowa, 1997
BA, International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, 1995

Research Areas

My research areas are urban geography, postcolonial studies and development, and space and social theory (including Marxian, post-structural and psychoanalytic approaches). I have pursued these interests through projects on the politics of waste in Oaxaca, Mexico and the history of urban gardening in the United States.

Current Research

I am currently investigating the transnational trade of hazardous waste in North America, its implications for issues of environmental justice, and shifting understandings of regulatory regimes in critical legal geography.

The Community and School Garden Project (funded in part by the University of Arizona Green Fund) The community and school garden workshop is an opportunity for motivated and self-directed University of Arizona students to participate in the growing school and community garden movement. The project is a collaboration with UA SGD faculty member Sallie Marston. Available for credit as a workshop style course, it enables University of Arizona undergraduate and graduate students to assist Tucson teachers and community organizations in establishing and maintaining gardens for pedagogical purposes as well as nutritional ones.

Community and School Garden Program (CSGP)

CSGP Facebook page

Recent Publications

“Garbage matters: Concepts in new geographies of waste,” Progress in Human Geography, December 2012, 36: 780-799, first published on March 13, 2012 doi:10.1177/0309132512437077

“Global Garbage: Waste, Trash Trading, and Local Garbage Politics” in Global Political Ecology, Richard Peet, Paul Robbins and Michael J. Watts, editors. London: Routledge. 2011

Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction. Paul Robbins, John Hintz and Sarah A. Moore. London: Blackwell. 2010 (2nd edition forthcoming)

“The Excess of Modernity: Garbage Politics in Oaxaca Mexico,” The Professional Geographer, 61:4,426-437

“The Politics of Garbage in Oaxaca, Mexico,” Society and Natural Resources, Volume 21:7:596-610.

“Forgotten Roots of the Green City: Subsistence Gardens in Columbus Ohio,1910-1935,” Urban Geography, 27:2:174-192

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