University of Wisconsin–Madison

Niwaeli Kimambo

Graduate student (PhD)


M.Sc. Geography, UW-Madison, 2016

BA Geologic Sciences and History (Honors), Brown University, 2012

Research Areas

East african environmental conservation, ecology of mid-elevation forests, rural-urban links and impacts on forests, drivers of land use change, quantitative spatial analysis

Current Research

I am broadly interested in balancing conservation concerns with rural livelihood strategies around protected forests. I have looked at approaches for increasing habitat connectivity in montane forests of East Africa. Specifically, I look at tree cover trajectories for land that is under a protected status, compared to land that is under individual landholding and active cultivation. My study area is in the South of Tanzania where habitat connectivity is a conservation priority for a newly discovered endangered primate. You can learn more about my work here.

Courses Taught

Teaching Assistant

GEOG/NIES 339: Environmental Conservation (Fall 2015)

GEOG/NIES/AOS 332: Global Warming Science and Impacts (Spring 2015)

GEOG/NIES 120: Introduction to Global Physical Environments (Fall 2014/Fall 2017)


Lisa Naughton Research Group



Recent Publications

Turner, M., McPeak, J. G., Gillin, K., Kitchell, E., & Kimambo, N. (2016). Reconciling flexibility and tenure security for pastoral resources: The geography of transhumance networks in eastern Senegal. Human Ecology, 44, 2, 199-215.

Mohamed, Said Ahmed, Sara Weschler, and Niwaeli Kimambo. 2013. He's far too much. (Kiswahili translation to English) USA: Sheep Meadows Publishers and Kenya: Longhorn Publishers.

Awards and Honors

Scott Kloeck-Jenson Fellowship, 2017

African Studies Graduate Summer Fieldwork Award, 2017

Jordan Prize: Best paper in African Studies at UW-Madison, 2016

Foundation For Urban and Regional Studies Studentship, 2016

Education Innovation Grant (with Jessica L'Roe and Lisa Naughton):UW-Madison, 2015

Honored Instructor: UW-Madison, 2014

Christian Yegen Award: Brown University-History Department, 2012

Royce Fellowship: Brown University, 2011

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Geography Box 47 550 N. Park Street Madison, WI 53706