University of Wisconsin–Madison

Elliot Vaughan

Graduate student (M.S.)


B.A., Biology, Carleton College, 2011

Research Areas

Physical geography, ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, land use change

Current Research

I am broadly interested in how human activity influences ecosystem processes, and specifically biogeochemical cycles. My MS thesis is investigating the influence of human land use and various biophysical factors on soil carbon storage. I am comparing soil samples from forests and pastures representing a broad range of soil types and climate from the island of Puerto Rico. I hope to determine the relative importance of those various factors in determining site specific carbon storage.

Courses Taught

Teaching Assistant, Global Change Biology, Carleton College, 2011
Teaching Assistant, Biology Study Abroad Program, Carleton College, 2014

Awards and Honors

University Fellow, 2014-2015 National Merit Scholar, 2007-2011

Contact Information