University of Wisconsin–Madison

Liyang Xiong

Post-Doctoral Researcher (Axing Zhu)


Ph.D., School of Geography, Nanjing Normal University, 2015
B.A., College of Urban and Environmental Science, Northwest University, 2010

Research Areas

Geomorphology, DEM, GIS spatial analysis.

Current Research

Landscape Evolution Modeling in Loess landform area, Digital Terrain Analysis

Recent Publications

Xiong L.-Y., Tang G.-A., Li F.-Y., Yuan B.Y., Lu Z.-C. (2014). Modeling the evolution of loess-covered landforms in the Loess Plateau of China using a DEM of underground bedrock surface. Geomorphology 209(0): 18-26.

Xiong L., Tang G., Yan S., Zhu S., Sun Y. (2014), Landform-oriented flow-routing algorithm for the dual-structure loess terrain based on digital elevation models. Hydrological Processes 28(4): 1756-1766.

Xiong L., Tang G., Yuan B., Lu Z., Li F., Zhang L. (2014). Geomorphological inheritance for loess landform evolution in a severe soil erosion region of Loess Plateau of China based on digital elevation models. Science China Earth Sciences 57(8): 1944-1952.

Zhu S., Tang G., Xiong L., Zhang G. (2014). Uncertainty of slope length derived from digital elevation models of the Loess Plateau, China. Journal of Mountain Science 11(5): 1169-1181.

Xiao W., Xiong L, Tang G., Geomorphological divisions of the Tibet Plateau based on topographical feature point groups from DEMs. Annals of GIS, DOI: 10.1080/19475683.2014.942796.

WANG T., YANG X., XIONG L., YE J. 2014. Assessment of Fluvial Knickpoint Identification based on ASTER GDEM and SRTM DEM - a case study in Lushan Mountain. International Conference on Water Resource and Environmental Protection (WREP2014). 232-237 7.

L. Xiong, G. Tang. (2013). Simulating Loess with Underlying Bedrock Paleotopographic strata for Landscape Evolution in the Loess Plateau Based on Digital Elevation Models. Geomorphometry 2013 (O-12): 1-4.

Contact Information


Phone: (608) 571-8018