University of Wisconsin–Madison

Yunqiang Zhu

Visiting Scholar (Axing Zhu)


Ph.D., Cartography and Geographic Information System, IGSNRR, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2006
M.Sc.,Physical Geography, Capital Normal University, 2003
B.S.E., Survey and Mapping, Jilin University, 2000

Research Areas

Geo-data Sharing, e-Geoscience, Resources and Environmental Information System

Current Research

- Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on Metadata Semantic-based Methodology for Linked Geospatial Data
- Program of the Ministry of Science & Technology of China: Data Resources Integration and Standardized Reorganization for National Special Program on Basic Science and Technology Research of China
- Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Science Cloud on Global Change Ecology
- Program of the State Key Lab of Resources and Environmental Information System: Research and demonstration of data and models integrated sharing of Land surface system

Awards and Honors

2014, the second prize in China National Science and Technology Progress (ranked second) 2013, the first prize in Henan Province Science and Technology Progress (ranked second) 2013, the key technical talent of Chinese Academy of Sciences 2013, Youth Science and Technology Award of China Society of Natural Resources

Contact Information