University of Wisconsin–Madison

Daniel Grant

Graduate student (Ph.D.)


M.S. Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2015 (Advisor: Bill Cronon)
B.A. Politics-Environmental Studies with honors, Whitman College, 2010

Research Areas

Historical geography, environmental history, disaster studies, water, literary nonfiction, American West

Current Research

I am an environmental historian and historical geographer who studies the meanings attached to environmental disasters in the American West throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. My master's thesis, entitled "The Certainty of Change: Flood, Drought, and the Genre of Environmental Prophecy in California's Central Valley, 1987-2015," tells the story of two water-related disasters as pivotal moments of prophetic inspiration. These moments illuminated how people configured the faults of the past and envisioned future redemption.

Courses Taught

The Making of the American Landscape: History/Geog/Env Studies 469 (Fall 2016)
Global Warming Science and Impacts: Geog/AOS/Env Studies 332 (Spring 2016)
American Environmental History: History/Geog/Env Studies 460 (Spring 2015 & Fall 2015)
Resources and People: Geog/Env Studies 139 (Fall 2013 & Fall 2014)
Introduction to Human Geography: Geog 101 (Spring 2014)

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Department of Geography
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Science Hall
550 North Park Street
Madison, WI 53706


On Twitter: @DanielGrant9