Design Challenge 2019

Transforming Justice

In collaboration with Jenna Loyd, Kelly Lytle Hernandez, and Transforming Justice, this year's Design Challenge will explore everyday experiences of policing in Milwaukee. Drawing on video documentaries and workshop transcripts, we will explore how these experiences build on histories of segregation and how they continue to shape divisions in the city, access to shared spaces, and well-being.

Important Dates and Event Information

Informational Meeting

Friday, February 1 | 12–1pm | UW Cartography Lab

Please join us to learn more about the project and related Design Challenge activities. We will be there to answer your questions!

Pre-Workshop Fieldtrip to Milwaukee

Saturday, February 9 | 9am–5pm | More information soon.

Kelly Lytle Hernandez, Yi-Fu Tuan Lecture

Friday, February 22 | 3:30–4:30pm | Science Hall, Room 108

The Million Dollar Hoods (MDH) research team maps and monitors how much local authorities spend on locking up residents in L.A.’s Million Dollar Hoods. Led by Black and Brown women and driven by formerly-incarcerated persons as well as residents of Million Dollar Hoods, the MDH team also provides the only full and public account of the leading causes of arrest in Los Angeles, revealing that drug possession and DUIs are the top booking charges in L.A.’s Million Dollar Hoods. Collectively, this data counters the popular misunderstanding that incarceration advances public safety by removing violent and serious offenders from the streets. In fact, local authorities are investing millions in locking up the County’s most economically vulnerable, geographically isolated, and racially marginalized populations for drug and alcohol-related crimes. This talk provides an introduction to the Million Dollar Hoods project, method, and impact.

Transforming Justice Mapping Workshop

Saturday, March 2 | 9am–8pm | UW Cartography Lab

The Design Challenge is a one-day mapping workshop that challenges students (cartographers and geographers, alike) to create a map or a series of maps during an eight-hour stretch. Teams of students work with community partners, topic experts, and data experts on real-world issues. In the past, our students have mapped the hazardous waste trade in North America, fossil data to better understand climate research, and community resources for two ongoing projects.

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