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Yi-Fu Tuan to give last “Yi-Fu Lecture” this Friday


Space, Place, Nature: One Last Look

Friday, April 4 @ 3:30, 180 Science Hall

“I have been writing about “Space, Place, and Nature” for at least three decades. You’d think I am now able to say something about them that is authoritative, if not definitive. But-–thank God!-–not at all. “Space” and “place,” yes, I can sound professorial, but “nature” and “what is reality” completely elude me, making me feel like a beginner. And it is as a beginner that I wish to make this farewell speech to colleagues in Science Hall, but especially to students who, I hope, will-–even in their eighties-–remain as immature as I am.”

Yi-Fu Tuan announced that this Friday will be his last talk at the lecture series that bears his name.


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