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Geospatial Summit, April 26

The State Cartographer’s Office is once again taking the lead on organizing the annual UW–Madison Geospatial Summit, to be held in the UW Gordon Commons and Events Center on April 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.   The Summit will feature presentations on current geospatial research, teaching, and service initiatives on campus, an educational roundtable, […]

Martindale Recognized at WLIA

Jaime Martindale, Map & GIS Data Librarian at the Robinson Map Library, was honored at the 2017 Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) annual conference. WLIA is a grassroots organization representing a collection of concerned professionals working to develop, maintain, and apply a network of statewide land information systems. WLIA president, Martin Goettl, presented the Outstanding Contribution […]

A Conversation with Undergraduate Student Mengyu Liang

What do you study? I study Geography and Cartography/GIS. My concentration is in physical geography because I love to learn about the natural environment and changes to it. Outside of these two majors, I am studying how to apply remote sensing techniques to understand Antarctic meteorological events over at the Space, Science & Engineering Center. […]

A Conversation with Dr. Ian Baird

What led you to geography? I was attracted to geography because it is the discipline that is among the best at taking a holistic perspective on environmental issues. That is, it takes ecology and science seriously, but it also take socio-cultural, economic and political issues seriously as well. What excites you about Geography? I am […]

A Conversation with New Alumnus Evan Applegate

What did you study? I studied Cartography & GIS, with a focus in remote sensing; my thesis used 25 years of Landsat satellite imagery to assess land cover change in rural Laos. Earth-observing satellites are my favorite! They help you learn so much about what’s happening on the surface. In what ways is Geography the best […]

A Conversation with Undergraduate Student Leo Roth

What are you studying? I enjoy studying plant species diversity in Wisconsin ecosystems, especially regarding the interactions between native and non-native species. In what ways is Geography the best discipline for your work? Geography provides an interdisciplinary lens through which relevant local (or regional, or global) issues, such as declining native plant diversity, may be addressed. The […]

Geography Undergraduate Symposium

GEOGRAPHY COLLOQUIUM (GEOG 565) THURSDAY, 15 DECEMBER 2016, L196 EDUCATION BUILDING   SESSION I: LATE AFTERNOON, 4PM – 6PM 4:00  Introductory Remarks | William Gustav Gartner 4:05  A History of Food Systems and Food Security in Madison, Wi from 1970 to Today | Sekajibo Major, Britney Schopf, Andrea Sherman 4:25  Cherokee Marsh: A Case Study […]

Cartography led to a sweet spot for alumna Gail Ambrosius

Reprinted from L&S: The revered Madison chocolatier turned a passion for geography into a business that honors where her ingredients are grown. From a childhood spent on a dairy farm in Seymour, Wisconsin, to now spending much of her time traveling to Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador to work with farmers who grow […]

“More People, More Trees: Social and Ecological Factors for Tree Cover Distribution in Southern Tanzania”

Please join us on December 7th at 12:00pm in 206 Ingra­ham Hall  for a talk by the Geography Department’s very own Niwaeli Kimambo, M.Sc. PhD Student, as she shares her fascinating research from Southern Tanzania. In Niwaeli’s words: “I look at tree cover trajectories for land that is under a protected status, compared to land […]

Groundwater contamination and Tom Petty: a look into the mind of student Stepha Velednitsky

What are you studying? I am a human geographer studying the role of computer chip manufacturing within Israel’s hydro-political landscape. I’m fascinated by the ways in which digital manufacturing industries, toxicity, and water governance are bound up in the production of the Israeli state, especially within the context of the water conflict with Palestine. In […]

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