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Sub-Area Feature: Physical Geography

The UW-Madison Geography Department has four major thematic areas: Physical Geography, People-Environment, Human Geography, and Cartography/GIS. This year, we will feature each sub-area to highlight the diversity of research and teaching in the department and celebrate the achievements of faculty and students. Our inaugural post features the Physical Geography sub-area, with research across a wide range […]

2017 Graduate Student Publications

Geography graduate students publish in a wide range of academic and non-academic venues from Computational Culture: A Journal of Software Studies to Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization. To celebrate the diversity of the discipline and the accomplishment of our graduate students, we’ve compiled a digest of our 2017 publications! We hope this is the […]

Student Profile: Sanober Mirza

This week’s student profile is with Sanober Mirza, a senior Geography major and Geography Club President. Sanober works in Professor Erika Marin-Spiotta’s Biogeography-Biogeochemistry Lab and is an Undergraduate Research Scholar. She is interviewed here by Cartography/GIS master’s student Alicia Iverson. Can you describe where you work? I work in Erika Marin-Spiotta’s Lab, which is the Biogeography-Biogeochemistry Lab. We’re […]

Student Profile: Anna Ostermeier

Senior Geography major Anna Ostermeier spent part of last summer in rural Costa Rica working on projects related to environmental sustainability and women’s empowerment. A prestigious Wisconsin Idea Fellowship funded her work, as well as support from Sasha Drumm, Mario Castillo, Nicol Chinchilla, Cathy Middlecamp, Brooke Nelson, Kyle Powers, Morgridge Center for Public Service, and UpTica. Read our […]

Graduate Student Profile: Seth Spawn

This week’s student profile is with Seth Spawn, a master’s student in Geography working with Professor Holly Gibbs and the Nelson Institute’s Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE). Seth is currently researching the federal ethanol mandate in the Renewable Fuel Standard to explore interactions between policy, land use, and their combined effects on the […]

Geography Alumni Profile: Madeline Zastrow

This week’s alumni profile is with Madeline Zastrow, who graduated just this past spring! We spoke with Madeline about her internship this summer as the Program Evaluation Intern at the REAP Food Group Farm to School Program. Read our conversation below to learn more about the work of this great local nonprofit and how Madeline applied her […]

Undergraduate Sam Allen studies abroad in Tanzania

What do you study? I’m majoring in Human Geography and International Studies, with a certificate in African Studies. I also take military science courses as a cadet in Army ROTC. In what ways is Geography the best discipline for your intended work? I hope to be an Army Foreign Area Officer (FAO) for Swahili-speaking Africa. […]

A Conversation with Dr. Morgan Robertson

What led you to geography? I wanted to understand how environmental policy is shaped by both social forces and ecological changes, and other disciplines were telling me I had to focus on one or the other, not both. What excites you about Geography? The freedom to ask questions about the environment that cross traditional academic […]

A Conversation with Dr. Jack Williams

What led you to geography? My research interests are inherently interdisciplinary and so is Geography.  I study the responses of plant species and communities to past and present environmental change, and vegetation feedbacks to other biological and earth systems.  My research combines elements of geosciences (we measure fossil pollen and other paleoenvironmental proxies extracted from […]

A Conversation with Undergraduate Student Leo Roth

What are you studying? I enjoy studying plant species diversity in Wisconsin ecosystems, especially regarding the interactions between native and non-native species. In what ways is Geography the best discipline for your work? Geography provides an interdisciplinary lens through which relevant local (or regional, or global) issues, such as declining native plant diversity, may be addressed. The […]

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