Geography Featured: Badger Talks Live 2023

Badger Talks Live is a live stream presentation series showcasing unique stories and talents on the UW-Madison campus and beyond. Tune in on Tuesdays in June when Badger Talks will feature three Geography faculty. Sarah Moore, Song Gao, and Christian Andresen will speak on a variety of topics throughout the month. Check out the details below!

June: The Latest Research from the Department of Geography

Sarah Moore

Tuesday, June 6, 12:00 PM

Trading Toxics in North America

Sarah Moore – Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Geography

“More than one million tons of hazardous waste are traded among Canada, Mexico, and the United States each year. In addition to managing a significant proportion of their own waste, all three North American countries are now net hazardous waste importers. In this paper, I present data and analysis that address the major methodological issues hampering current explanation of this significant and potentially harmful trade.”

Song Gao

Tuesday, June 13, 12:00 PM

Human Mobility Analytics Using Location Big Data

Song Gao – Associate Professor & Director of Geospatial Data Science Lab

“The increasing use of location-based services has generated large scale location data through mobile phone tracking, wearable sensors, GPS devices, and social media. These location big data provide new opportunities to study multiscale human mobility patterns and human-place interactions, which are important in transportation management, public health, business intelligence and many other domain applications. It also introduces grand challenges regarding broader ethical and policy implications. In this talk, I will present our latest research efforts on human mobility analytics and protecting user privacy using various geospatial data sciences approaches.”

Christian Andresen

Tuesday, June 27, 12:00 PM

Hot Times in Cold Places: The Thawing of the Arctic Permafrost

Christian Andresen – Assistant Professor of Geography

“Join Professor Andresen on an exploration of how the Arctic region is evolving, with a focus on the effects of climate change on the permafrost and the potential consequences of increased methane emissions into the atmosphere.”

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