Announcing AAG Fellows Award Recipient: Dr. Song Gao

Congratulations to UW-Madison Department of Geography Professor Song Gao for being a recipient of the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Fellows award. Dr. Gao is one of seventeen Geographers worldwide to receive this award. The AAG Fellows is a recognition and service program that applauds geographers who have made significant contributions to advancing geography.

From the AAG Fellows Announcement:
“He has established himself as one of the thought leaders and highly cited scholars in the field of geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI) and was heavily involved in the geospatial modeling of the spread of COVID-19. He has successfully mentored young scholars and students in GIScience, offered workshops and webinars for the AAG and other organizations, and is an associate editor for AAG’s International Encyclopedia of Geography and International Journal of Geographical Information Science. Dr. Gao’s involvement with cutting-edge data science and AI techniques, his commitment to taking on and solving important challenges, and his enthusiasm for working with different international organizations make him a strong asset to the AAG.”

In addition to the Fellows awards, AAG also presents awards for lifetime achievement, distinguished scholarship, distinguished teaching, media achievement, education, DEI, and mentoring. These awards as well as the Fellows award will be celebrated at this year’s AAG conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Author: lwunderlich