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Geography 572: Graphic Design in Cartography

This course provides an in-depth examination of advanced topics in cartographic representation, or the graphics, sounds, haptics, etc., constituting a map that are employed to encode geographic information. It is a direct extension of 370, but with a focus on cartographic design for the web rather than print, and draws upon research and practice on graphic design, web design, and art. Specifically, it integrates theory on both mapmaking and map use (compared to 170 or 370, which focus upon one or the other) and emphasizes design of web-delivered static maps, rather than the design of interfaces for manipulating these maps (compared to 575). The course is divided into two components: lectures and labs.

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Fall 2013

Instructor: Robert Roth
TA: Rashauna Mead


Mt. Hood, Oregon

Kelly Abplanal


America's Aquifers: A Source of Clean Water?

Alexis Greenstreet


Vampires Over the Ages

Brooke Harding


Orm the Red

B. Kutsch


Bats in Danger

Caitlin Mckown


The Places We've Been! Pop and me

Chelsea Nestel


Madison Under Fire

Michael Schmelter


THe Travels of Hans Christian Andersen

Caroline Shea


The New Yorker Magazine

Rebecca Summer


The Road from Madison and New Orleans to Detroit

Andrew Umentum