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Geography 572: Graphic Design in Cartography

This course provides an in-depth examination of advanced topics in cartographic representation, or the graphics, sounds, haptics, etc., constituting a map that are employed to encode geographic information. It is a direct extension of 370, but with a focus on cartographic design for the web rather than print, and draws upon research and practice on graphic design, web design, and art. Specifically, it integrates theory on both mapmaking and map use (compared to 170 or 370, which focus upon one or the other) and emphasizes design of web-delivered static maps, rather than the design of interfaces for manipulating these maps (compared to 575). The course is divided into two components: lectures and labs.

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Fall 2019

Instructor: Robert Roth
TA: Alicia Iverson


Why Do Students Struggle in Math

Ameen Abdullah


Chicago: Why Canals Were Crucial: Why they matter today

Chris Archuleta


A Brief History of (Craft) Beer In America

Philip Bliese


Analyzing the Cost-Effectiveness of Colorado's Watershed Flood Recovery Projects from 2013-2018

Aaron Jing


World Map According to Trump's Twitter

Joe Marks


The Mississippi River: North America's Physical and Cultural Phenomenon

Kyle McNair


True Crime Companion

Christopher Pierson


Sheridan Park

Timothy Prestby


Hazardous Conditions

Griffin Rock


Northern Hemisphere Suburban Night Sky Map

Dawson Rogers


The Story of Bubbler

Curtis Showers


Farm, Society, Assimilation

Nick Smith


Yellow River Civilization

Shujin Wang