Yi-Fu Tuan to give last "Yi-Fu Lecture" this Friday


Space, Place, Nature: One Last Look

Friday, April 4 @ 3:30, 180 Science Hall

“I have been writing about “Space, Place, and Nature” for at least three decades. You’d think I am now able to say something about them that is authoritative, if not definitive. But-–thank God!-–not at all. “Space” and “place,” yes, I can sound professorial, but “nature” and “what is reality” completely elude me, making me feel like a beginner. And it is as a beginner that I wish to make this farewell speech to colleagues in Science Hall, but especially to students who, I hope, will-–even in their eighties-–remain as immature as I am.”

Yi-Fu Tuan announced that this Friday will be his last talk at the lecture series that bears his name.

We invite alumni and friends to to join us for the lecture and for a reception honoring Professor Tuan directly following in the Robinson Map Library.

Professor Yi-Fu Tuan initiated the Department’s lecture series shortly after his arrival here in 1983. Dr. Tuan even provided pre-lecture refreshments-–”Coffee & Coping”, a light-hearted counter to the graduate students’ “Beer & Loafing” tradition-–for many years. The series was named for him after his retirement in 1998. Since then, Dr. Tuan has been an annual guest at the lecture series.

Author: Geography Staff

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